The best types of vinyl music records

Vinyl records represent a symbol of superiority in the musical world. It's rare for an artist to own a vinyl record. It must be recognized that it is the best artists who often have this merit. Here is an opportunity for you to check out the best vinyl records in this article.

Promotional vinyl

Having a promotional record made a difference in the musical world. It is the rarest in the musical world thanks to its promotional item. The promotional vinyl record is no longer said by collectors. It is the most used by the press to mark a promotion in the world of music. This so-called promotional vinyl record is characterized by a "promo" mark and a "promotional copy" index. Thanks to these characteristics, it is an object of competition in the musical field. Second, it is not sold and remains unique in its category. Likewise, for test-pressing which are also the noblest records in the musical field.
The pressing test is used to check the good quality of promotional discs. This allows collectors to touch the number of views each time their albums are released. This test is the most recognized, an artist's label and its often protected by a sleeve cover. Thus, thanks to test-pressing, vinyl records are rarer and more sought after in the musical world.

Colored vinyl

Color vinyls are the most popular in major editions in the musical context. It has an attractive beauty by its color. In general, characterized by a unique color and very rare to find, the colored vinyl record is also in demand in the musical world. Several types of color discs resemble the colored vinyl record. They are both collected in an album or on pirated pressings. Nevertheless, the quality of a vinyl record to flow is seen by its shape and by the color that stands up to standards.

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