The classical guitar: how to choose one?

The guitar is a musical instrument. To master it, you need a better guitar. This therefore implies a good choice of this instrument. Among many others is the classic model. The latter is no longer used today. In this article, discover the factors that favor a good choice of the latter.

Guitar size

To play a good melody, you have to know how to choose the size of your guitar. There are different types depending on the age of the person. In total you have 05 and each one with its characteristics. The 110 cm short one is accessible to children for toys. The most used by young people and adults is that of 150 cm or more. It gives an impeccable sound for radiant melodies.

The choice of wood

The choice of wood is very important. It is important to differentiate the woods to choose the best one. Among the multitude of types of wood that exist for the composition are found the most used and more consistent. These are the cede and the spruce that form the tops of the guitar. These items are better brands. The cede provides a welcoming and harmonious melody.
As for the spruce, it is of a different grade and sets a clean tone. It can be adapted to rock voice, funk, etc. Starting from the elements that make up the guitar, we also have rosewood and mahogany, which also each play their part. The first of red-brown color is to supplement the warmth to the notes so called that the second of brown color is more melodious.

The size of the sleeve

To choose your guitar, the size of the neck is very important and very important. Classical guitar has a wider neck. What differentiates the latter from the others. So this is a factor to take into account in choosing a better classical guitar.